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Nixon Industrial offers a complimentary Property Health Check for any commercial, retail or industrial property.

As part of our property health check our aim is to empower owners with the latest knowledge about your property and the market. We believe you can then make the informed decisions about holding, selling, leasing or redeveloping.

Our first step is to assess the following values and compare them with what is being achieved.

  •           Market rental value
  •           Investment market value
  •           Vacant possession value
  •           Land value

Various scenarios can then be determined because these values will give insights on;

  •          How your property is performing against market levels and what needs to be done to rectify this situation.
  •          Understanding why your investment value varies depending upon lease term remaining.
  •          Understanding the economic life timeframe of the buildings on your property.
  •          And the future potential of the property.
  •          Our approach is consistent to our overall company vision in providing property solutions;
  •          Through innovative thinking
  •          Adding value concepts and
  •          Market knowledge

Every property owner should be empowered with the latest property information so you can make the best investment and business decisions to suit your needs.

Please do not hesitate to call Matt Spicer on 9570 1300 for any assistance.


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