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A fresh approach  

As you consider a new strata management company, you’ll soon notice that the list of services offered is pretty much the same. Most will manage your financials, organise meetings, handle insurance, offer 24/7 emergency services, solve your problems promptly.

While the list of services may be similar, the point of difference at 37°Owners Corporation is the way we deliver and perform those services and our added ‘care’ factor.  This is what makes us second-to-none.

What’s in a name?

37 degrees is the perfect human body temperature which enables all the differing components within our body to work in harmony.    The same can be said for an Owners Corporation. There are many different unit holders and components that, if all working together, achieve collaboration and outcomes to suit all parties.  

Our mission

Our owners corporation service provides outstanding property solutions. We focus on client service, efficiency and value for money.  We genuinely care that your investment is well looked after. The 37° Owners Corporation team offers a unique combination of experience in property development, technology management and business transformation, a combination which makes us an industry leader.

How we deliver property solutions

The synergies in our management team allow 37° Owners Corporation to respond to the frustrations and inadequacies experienced with other Owners Corporation managers. Through the ongoing leverage of technology and business process improvement, we continue to deliver a unique set of Owners Corporation management services that will surpass your expectations in responsiveness, transparency and value.

A changing industry

The Owners Corporation industry is undergoing considerable change.   In recent years there has been significant growth in new strata developments, along with the introduction of new legislation. This has triggered a wave of change, improvement and opportunity.

We pride ourselves on keeping all unit holders and committee members well informed, with particular attention paid to changing legislation, the introduction of new asbestos legislation and the increasing need to regularly review insurances.

The role of legislation is to provide a controlling balance. It is crucial unit holders are aware of their obligations so you can make informed decisions.


For developers, we know there is always the risk of expectation gaps appearing between yourselves and potential owners.  We facilitate the initial set up of your building and organising the First Annual General Meeting to ensure the Owners Corporation is geared to minimising conflict and new owners are aware of their responsibilities and obligations.

Our Team

37° Owners Corporation is headed up by our Senior Owners Corporation Manager, Georgina Meredith. Georgina brings a wealth of experience in both commercial and residential owners corporation management spanning over some 20 years.

Should you like to dicuss your owners corporation needs or have any general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Georgina on 9908 3320.

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